A whole world in your pocket:
Create your PocketPal, design your home, make new friends, chat, and play games. Experience the world in your pocket!

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Create your PocketPal & design your home

Customize your PocketPal's physical appearance to make the perfect representation of you

Find and collect clothes that fit your style and fill out your closet

Build out your Pocketz home with a custom layout and decorate with your favorite furniture

Make new friends & chat

Meet new friends, chat in all sorts of rooms and add friends to your list of PocketPals

Say hi, wave, dance - express yourself!

Visit tons of Pocketz worlds like San Francisco, New York and Paris

Play games with friends

Play 4 in a Row with friends

Play Connect the Dots with friends

Play Mosaic, where you match pieces on a board, with friends

Breed pets!

Collect over 50 types of fish and manage your aquarium

Collect fish by fishing on our Piers

Manage the fish you find in your very own aquarium